Step Away From The Dating Pool.


Ok, this is the big one.  If you get one thing from this website, let it be this:  Embrace a Season of Singlehood for at least a year.

What is a Season of Singlehood you ask?

Basically, it’s committing to a certain time period and working on yourself….by yourself.


Do The Work To Become Your Best Self


In our society, rebound relationships are the drug of choice for getting over a painful breakup or divorce.

And just like all drugs, they can have serious side-effects.

So often, when people go through the emotional upheaval of a breakup or divorce, they reach out for a new relationship way too soon.

And I mean Way. Too. Soon.

Without taking the necessary time to heal and grow, they’re destined to repeat the same mistakes (often with a new partner that is hauntingly similar to their ex). 

Seriously- take some time off.  Stay out of the dating pool.  Get to know yourself, your strengths, and your weaknesses.

I love the quote “we prepare for war during times of peace”.  The same could be said for relationships.


We Prepare For Relationship During Times of Singleness.


There’s nothing harder than trying to learn what healthy love is and trying to develop those hard-to-learn skills while you’re in a relationship.

Trust me, you want to gain this education, experience, and training while you’re single.

Then, when you’re finally ready to re-enter the dating pool, you’ll be much more likely to choose wisely.

Rather than reacting to the emotional pain of your loss, and reaching out for something that feels good in the moment but has no chance of lasting,  you’ll be coming from a Position of Spiritual Strength, and making different choices based on that mindset.

Please read that again- it’s important.

Takeaway:  Stay single.  Avoid any and all rebound relationships like the plague.  Learn to actually enjoy singlehood.  It’s pretty awesome once you give it a chance.