They Don’t Call it “Retail Therapy” For Nothing.


And when I went through my divorce, this was a trap I unwittingly jumped right into.

It’s funny (well, let’s just say I can laugh about it now) I ran right out and bought a motorcycle 13 days after my divorce was final.

I just wanted to get back to the “me” I used to be, and of course financing a motorcycle would be a quick and painless way to get there.

What’s funnier, was that I kept that motorcycle for only two weeks before traded it in on a bigger, better, and faster one  (go ahead, you can laugh).

Motorcycles weren’t my only drug however…..


Spending Money I Didn’t Have


Guitars, televisions, and high-end stereo equipment were on the shopping list as well.

I was using money I didn’t have (oh credit cards, *sigh*) to fuel my addiction to “stuff”

I swear, I believe at one point I actually got addicted to the temporary high of bringing home a new toy– unconsciously hoping that it would make some magical difference in my life.

It didn’t.

Looking back, I just wanted to feel better, and I didn’t realize that my emotional spending was about to make it all worse.


The Edge of Bankruptcy


Truth is, all this reckless emotional spending damn near threw me into bankruptcy.  

Friends, don’t fall for it!  Leave your credit cards at home- destroy them if you have to.

And get a coach who can help you create a budget, provide the motivation and inspiration to actually follow it, and offer a voice of reason around purchasing decisions. 


More “Stuff” Won’t Heal You


In the end, there is no amount of physical possessions you could ever attain that will heal your broken heart.  Trust me- I tried.

Takeaway:  Step away from the credit card.  Stop trying to buy your way out of discomfort or pain.