Sending Out An S.O.S


If there was ever a time in your life to surround yourself with quality people who understand your situation and can offer practical guidance, it’s now.

A divorce or painful breakup is one of the most vulnerable chapters in a persons life, and having an expert to walk you through the process can make all the difference.

The truth is, your friends and family can only listen for so long, and they typically don’t have the background or training to offer effective advice.


Experienced Advice is Truly Priceless


I can honestly tell you that I could never have gotten through my devastating breakup without some key mentors, guides, and coaches.

I needed people who not only lived through heartache- they grew from it!

Because I wanted to not only survive my broken heart, I wanted to thrive from it!

I wanted to use that heartache as the springboard into a great life of my own making.

Having a coach made all the difference for me, and it will for you too.


Takeaway:  Reach out.  Find a coach.  Start getting some quality advice- today.


So there you have it friends, my top four must-do’s (or should I call them “must-dont’s”). 

By the way, you might be surprised to hear that some people actually make all four mistakes at once…..

That’s right-

They don’t get any guidance or counsel,

And go on to spend money they can’t really afford,

To move to a new city,

To be with a new partner they just met.


Yeah!  That always works out!

Said no one. Ever.

Yup, heartache will make you do some crazy stuff.