Four Things You Need To Know Now

Step 1

Don’t Make Any Big Moves

When you’re going through a painful breakup or divorce, it’s quite natural to reach out for things that might produce some temporary relief.  But you gotta be careful…

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Step 2

Don’t Rush Into A New Relationship

Ok, this is the big one. If you get one thing from this website, let it be this: embrace a Season of Singlehood for at least a year…

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Don't Rush into a relationship
Don't make any big purchases

Step 3

Don’t Make Any Big Purchases

Friends, they don’t call it “retail therapy” for nothing. When I went through my divorce, this was a trap I unwittingly jumped right into…

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Step 4

Don’t Do It Alone- Get Help!

If there was ever a time in your life to surround yourself with quality people who understand your situation and can offer practical guidance, it’s now…

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Dont Do It Alone