If you’re anything like me, when I went through my divorce and then later breakup, I just needed somebody to talk to. I needed someone who would listen. Someone who could really understand what I was going through.

And someone who could offer some solid guidance.

I’m here to tell you, it wasn’t exactly a walk in the park to find those people. The truth is, your friends or family can only listen for so long, and they often lack the specific training and expertise to lead you through this chapter of your life. However, if handled properly, a divorce or painful breakup can serve as the springboard to tremendous growth.

I’ve been exactly where you are – and I can help.

If you’re still feeling the pain of a recent divorce or breakup, call me today and let’s walk through this together. I’ll serve as a trusted sounding board, and together we can begin to unpack and process this event.

You’re not alone on this journey, and I’m here to help you with personal guidance and solutions. You’re not just getting an hour of my time- you’ll be tapping into years of experience and thousands of hours of personal development in helping others with painful breakups and divorce.

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I value your feedback!

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