We live in a world where privacy and confidentiality has become a precious commodity, and that’s unfortunate.  It’s funny, but just the other day I had to contact one of my credit card providers and “opt out” of their information sharing program.

Basically, from the letter I received, had I not “opted out” they would have just gone ahead and shared my sensitive information with other third-party companies.  I’m sorry, but that’s not acceptable- I, not a credit card company, choose who I do business with.

Which brings me to my “Plain English” Confidentiality Policy.

The work we do together, and the feelings and facts you share with me about your life and situation don’t leave the room.  Period.

Whether you’re a celebrity, head of business, or a regular Jane or Joe; I hold your privacy and confidentiality with the utmost of respect.  It’s for this reason and a host of others that people continue to trust me as a valuable resource along this journey we call life.